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 Lord Nathaniel Sheridan

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PostSubject: Lord Nathaniel Sheridan   Lord Nathaniel Sheridan EmptyThu Jan 07, 2010 9:00 pm

Lord Nathaniel Sheridan 6jpunq

Let me introduce Lord Nathaniel Sheridan.
(Yes, his name is shamelessly stolen from that Meg Cabot book :3)

Age: 24
Aspiration: Knowledge
Zodiac: Aquarius
Stregnths: Witty, Charming, Chivalrous.
Weaknesses: Clingy, Serious, Snob.

Lord Nathaniel Sheridan 35cftpj

Lord Nathaniel Sheridan lives in an isolated manor, in a place where it always seems to be snowing. He is seldom seen off the grounds of his estate, and seems to be quite content spending most of his time locked up in his study or wandering aimlessly in the snow.

Unfortunately, his lust for knoweledge and self-imprisonment leaves lots of room for gossip amongst the others of his social class. Most are convinced he has gone mad, from the sheer lack of social encounters. However, even though they're quite sure he's not sane, most are desperate to thrust their daughters upon him - who wouldn't want that fortune in their hands?

Lord Nathaniel Sheridan 2m2j1bm

Now, for the custom content:
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Lord Nathaniel Sheridan
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