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 Elspeth Hawke

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La Belle Dame Sans Merci

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PostSubject: Elspeth Hawke   Elspeth Hawke EmptyWed Jan 06, 2010 7:00 am

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“You’ll go far, Elspeth, mark my words. With a talent like yours you’ll be out of this place soon.”

Those, spoken by her mother, were the words that inspired Elspeth Hawke to follow her dreams. She had thoughts of parties, cocktail dresses and her name in lights. From age 8 she knew she wanted, nay, had to get out of the lower class society she lived in with her family in the slums of 1920’s London. From then on she knew she was destined to act. Every day she would take on the role of another character; her brother, the old woman who lived next door, and anyone interesting she came across.

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When she was 19, Elspeth auditioned for a play that would have skyrocketed her to fame, but she was rejected on the grounds that she was “too young, and she should come back when she was in her twenties”. So, not one to give up on her dreams, Elspeth continued to act and practice, utterly determined to get a role in a stage show. Three days after her 22nd birthday, she tried out for another performance, this time being rejected because she was “too old, she should have auditioned three years ago”.

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Heartbroken and with her spirit trod into the mud, Elspeth gave up. After making acting her life’s goal for more than a decade, the words of one person had made her give up on it. Instead she returned to her house with her mother, following in the footsteps of her female ancestors before her and becoming a seamstress. Now at 23 years old, she walks down the streets and sees posters of glamorous woman splashed across walls and posters, and each time she sees them staring back out at her with their glassy eyes, she feels another pang of pain at the dream she gave up on.

The Basics

Name Elspeth Marie Hawke
Age 23
Zodiac Leo
Aspiration Fortune/Popularity
Likes Drama, sequins, silk, cheap booze
Dislikes Rejection, cheap fabric, tea

My darling Elspeth comes packaged to you in Maxis clothing, but all other custom content is included:

Download Elspeth

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Electric Ghost

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PostSubject: Re: Elspeth Hawke   Elspeth Hawke EmptySat Jan 30, 2010 1:21 am

Wow she's fabulous! and 1920's! *SQUEE!* I adore the 1920's so this is awesome! Thank you for sharing this beauty!
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Elspeth Hawke
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