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 Captain James Hawkins

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La Belle Dame Sans Merci

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PostSubject: Captain James Hawkins   Captain James Hawkins EmptySun Jan 03, 2010 11:53 am

Captain James Hawkins 4hzlgo

This is Captain James Matthew Hawkins.

Age: 26
Aspiration: Fortune/Wealth
Zodiac: Leo
Stregnths: Fearless, Passionate, Intelligent.
Weaknesses: Neurotic, Sadistic, Impatient.

Captain James Hawkins 2h8bfnl

Not much is known about Captain Hawkins, but what people do know is that he is not a man anyone would want to cross paths with, unless interested in a life of piracy of course.
Hunted down by the Navy, James often manages to make a complete mockery of any soldier or sailor that gets in his way, only sparing their lives to let them live in complete humiliation.
Hawkins' sole purpose in life is gold, gold, and more gold. He is absolutely obsessed with anything that has anything to do with treasure, and will go absolutely insane trying to find jewels and mythical treasure.

Captain James Hawkins 2whdzbk

Thank you to all the wonderful creators;
Captain James Hawkins Fmcmd

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Gone So Young

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Calline, add a drool emoticon. Please?
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Captain James Hawkins
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