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 New Moderators wanted.

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New Moderators wanted. Empty
PostSubject: New Moderators wanted.   New Moderators wanted. EmptyThu Feb 11, 2010 4:49 pm

Okay everyone, I know VR hasn't been very active lately and I do apologize, but life has been very hectic for me lately and this year is a very, very important year for me.

Of course, I still do have time for VR, just not as much. So I'm looking for a couple of additional moderators who are interested in helping this forum become much more successful.

Anyone can apply to be a moderator, but Sophie and I will only be picking two for now. As the site grows, I'll obviously be asking for more.

Anyway, if you're interested send me a PM and fill out this form;

1. How can you contribute to the site?
2. Are you a creator?
(If so, please post some links to your examples.)
3. How active will you be?
(Try to think how much you spend on the site.)
4. Will you abuse your moderating powers?
(Do be honest xD)
5. Have you had any moderating experience?

That's pretty much it.
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New Moderators wanted.
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