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 Regarding Uploads and Paysite Items.

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Regarding Uploads and Paysite Items. Empty
PostSubject: Regarding Uploads and Paysite Items.   Regarding Uploads and Paysite Items. EmptyWed Dec 30, 2009 2:01 pm

Regarding Uploads

Most important of all:
Make sure ALL your uploads fit in with the vintage/historical theme of the forum. We are quite relaxed about this, if you aren't sure if your upload fits with the theme, feel free to message a moderator.

To all those who are interested in uploading;
We are still a very small community, so we don't need many rules. There's just some stuff that should be covered:

For Sims:
Absolutely no celebrity sims. NONE.
Please try and make them unique, and make sure they fit in with our theme. You should clearly state what's included with the Sim and what isn't, a screenshot from Clean Installer will do. Again, if you are unsure about your sim, please feel free to run it buy one of our mods.
In regards to character sims, you can make a sim that is your version of a character from a book, play etc.

For Hair and Other Genetics:
Keep them natural! Please no crazy/superbright or fantasy recolours - there are plenty of other sites where those are available. If you've made unnatural recolours of your hair/eye/skin set and have uploaded them to another site, feel free to link to your post there.
For hair, you must provide a link to the mesh or include it with your upload. If you've not done this, your thread will simply be deleted.

Lots and Housing:
We urge you to run this buy a moderator. We're very picky about these uploads.

Just make sure it fits with the theme, is unpixelated, and of high quality. No simple edits please.

When posting pictures the maxiumum width is 700 pixels.

The following should cover our view on paysites.

Paysite Content

It is absolutely fine to include paysite content in your uploads. Whether they be recolours, meshes, objects, or with your sims, we have nothing against it.

While we understand some people may be against this, if you are, simply don't download and just use free content in your uploads, don't whinge about what others do.

However, just because an item is pay does not mean it is good!
Please use your personal judgement to see whether the item is of high enough quality to be uploaded here.

So, that's about it!

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Regarding Uploads and Paysite Items.
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