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 Forum Rules; do yourself a favour and READ THEM.

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Forum Rules; do yourself a favour and READ THEM. Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules; do yourself a favour and READ THEM.   Forum Rules; do yourself a favour and READ THEM. EmptyMon Dec 28, 2009 9:01 pm

General Forum Rules

First thing's first, welcome to Vintage Revolution! We hope you enjoy yourself here, we really do, but there are a few rules (I know, I know, we all hate them) that we beg ask you to follow, just to help things run smoothly:

The Basics

Don’t be a fool!
Really, this should be simple, and we shouldn’t have to ask you to behave like a decent human being, but some people insist on being asses. The short of it is as follows: Don’t flame, harass, troll, impersonate, post offensive material, use excessive amounts of swearing (some swearing will be tolerated), and all that jazz. We are pretty relaxed, but we won’t allow people to strut around acting like complete jackasses. That’s just idiotic.

If you aren’t a moderator, don’t act like one!
Yes, rules need to be followed, and yes, it gets annoying when people won’t obey the rules, but if you aren’t a moderator, please don’t try and act like one. If you feel that a post is out of line, report it and we’ll step in to do the work. On that note, respect other members, please! If someone makes a mistake, don’t be a bitch about it. That’s just plain rude, annoying, and stupid. We’ll step in when needed; we don’t have shiny superpowers for nothing.

Learn to hold your tongue.
Yes, yes, it is all well and good to be witty and come up with smart retorts, but don’t act like you know everything, and don’t speak to other members like you know everything, because you don’t. Wit and sarcasm are good things, when used in moderation, and there will always be a point where you will become attention-seeking and just downright mean, and that shall not be tolerated.

Harassment = Banning
There are no two ways about it, I’m sorry. You can’t go around being a prick and harassing people and then expect to get away with it. It’s not that difficult to be a nice person. However, if we do catch wind of someone harassing another user, be it through PMs or just on the forums themselves, you will be banned.

Spam in a can
We all know that SPAM belongs in a can, and in a can it should remain. Please don’t clog up the boards with utterly useless and off-topic posts that have nothing to do with anything. They will be deleted, and depending on our moods, you'll probably be banned. Also, just posting 'thanks' on every single upload counts as spam. Seriously, just don't do it.

The Nitty And The Gritty

omgilykttlynoritecozlykursoooo…SHUT UP!
Look, talking like that is just plain annoying, and, in all honesty, it took me longer to write that out than it would if I was writing in proper English. Please refrain from chatspeak, excessive punctuation and just general annoyingness when you type. Typos are understandable, and a few spelling mistakes, but there are dictionaries around, people! I advise you use them.

Kill Net Speak

No double posting
There is an edit button, and we strongly advise you use it. It’s just tiresome for us to have to come along afterwards and delete your double posts because you were too lazy to use the edit button. Of course, the exceptions would be if no one has posted after you for a lengthy period of time, at which point feel free to post again rather than wait for someone else.

Reviving old threads
Look, we don’t like zombies. If a thread has not been posted in for a rather long amount of time, then please do not go and revive it unless your comment is relevant and actually will affect something. After several months I’m sure the topic would have been resolved, so don’t revive it by reading through the thread and then saying ‘Cool, thanks for this!’ because that just isn’t necessary.

Speak In English
We do understand English isn't everyone's first language, heck, Calline is French - but she still speaks English as best as she can. Even if you can't speak English all that well, most users on here probably don't speak your language, so try your best to make yourself understood.
Posts in anything other than English will be deleted.

…potentially to be continued.
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Forum Rules; do yourself a favour and READ THEM.
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